Rick van der Staaij

Web developer

My resume

Rick van der Staaij.
Date of birth: 8 november 1991.
Birth place: Amersfoort.
Dutch nationality.

Dutch: full professional proficiency.
English: full professional proficiency.

Work Experience:
Sep 2022 - Ongoing...Senior javascript developer (frontend) at Lab Digital in Utrecht.
Full-time (40 hours).

Apr 2022 - Aug 2022Senior frontend developer at KVK in Utrecht.
Full-time (40 hours).

Feb 2014 - Mar 2022Allround developer at Enrise in Amersfoort.
Full-time (40 hours).

Jun 2012 - Ongoing...Owner sole proprietorship, FuturePortal.
Working on projects next to my studies and jobs.

Sep 2013 - Jan 2014Final internship for 'Hogeschool Utrecht' at Eagerly Internet in Utrecht.
Full-time trainee as front- and backend developer.

Jun 2012 - Jul 2012Temporary worker as PHP programmer at CN-IT.

Mei 2011 - Jun 2012Lead Web Developer at the Dragon Media Group B.V. in Leusden.
Part-time next to my study 'HBO Informatica'.

Augustus 2009 - Mei 2011Web Developer at the Dragon Media Group B.V. in Leusden.
Multiple internships, in vacations, and next to school.
Vacations and internships: Full-time.
Next to my study: 1 day a week, 8 hours.

2011 - 2014HBO Informatica - Hogeschool Utrecht.
Minor: Web & multimedia.
Specialization: Advanced software architecture.
Passed with merit (average grade 8 out of 10).
Finished the course in 3 years instead of the regular 4 years.

2008 - 2011Application development (level 4) - ROC Midden Nederland.
Finished the course in 2 and a half year instead of the regular 4 years.

2004 - 2008VMBO-T (now MAVO) Corderius College.

2003 (age 12): Ten Finger System typing.

Computer skills:
Prog: PHP, NodeJS, C#, Java
Web: Javascript ES6, Typescript, React, Vue.js, Styled components, SASS, jQuery
PHP: Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, custom frameworks, Zend Framework 2
SQL: PostgreSQL, MySQL
Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine, Raspbian
Mobi: React native, Titanium (iOS/Android)
Design: Photoshop, Gimp
Tools: Docker, Webpack, Composer, Git(Hub/Lab), Kubernetes, Vagrant, SaltStack, Deployer

Very diligent and studious in programming area.
I like to build strong architectural systems with a user friendly interaction in a nice layout. Done via Continuous Deployment in a well tested environment.

More programming.
Graphical design.
Driving car / motorcycle.
Fitness / powerlifting.