What makes this website awesome for developers?

Building a website can be super easy, or extremely complicated. Using the right tools and techniques allows us to create a website with technical excellence, but also with great speed. Below is a list of tools and techniques used for building this website.

Open source

I love open source. So why not make this website open source?

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NextJS (server side rendered + SPA)

NextJS is awesome in that it's always rendered server side, and then continues as single page application. So great for robots and humans!

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Kubernetes on DigitalOcean

Hosted on the trusted and stable DigitalOcean Kubernetes service. Running a kubernetes cluster, allowing high-availability and scaling.

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Review applications

For every new feature I create, a review application is set up in the cloud. Allowing me to share new features with other people before they are actually on production.

Continuous Deployment

The build process is completely automated. All I have to do is accept new code and it will be automatically tested and deployed to production.

Let's Encrypt

Fully https encrypted with this awesome service, manged by the kubernetes cluster.

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GitLab (CI)

The code is hosted on GitLab, a service that I love. The build process is fully automated via GitLab-CI.

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Running in a docker container for quickly setting up and portability.

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Of course this website is fully responsive, looking great on any device!


Build using Typescript, making the code beautiful and easier to understand.

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SEO optimized

Perfectly indexed by Google. Providing a nice sitemap.xml, robots.txt, and 404 status codes for pages that don't exist.