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Simpel.nl greenfield rebuild

June 2016

Simpel.nl homepage
How the homepage was looking when we did the initial release

One of the first bigger projects I started working on at Enrise was the Simpel.nl rebuild. The project started of as a simple front-end replacement. But in the end Enrise rebuilt their entire digital infrastructure.

I've played a big part in the Simpel.nl rebuild, mainly focussing on the integration between the front-end and the back-end. Making sure that the end-user has an as pleasant as possible experience.

Simpel.nl dashboard on mobile phone
The 'Mijn Simpel' dashboard on a mobile phone

Since I was so conviced of the quality that the team delivered, I was one of the first 20 customers in the new system. And I still am. I've worked with the Simpel project for the first 3 years of its rebuid. After that I continued with other projects within Enrise. But I'm still very proud of the result and the role I've played in the project.

Simpel.nl self service dashboard
How the 'Mijn Simpel' dashboard was looking when we released it

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