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Nawcast, narrowcasting in minutes

June 2018

Nawcast start running imageStart running your narrowcastings screen

Narrowcasting is popular due to the fact that you can create content specifically for your customers. However, there is no system available that lets you create a narrowcasting without some home made components by a web development company. Simpel wishes to change that.

Nawcast editor demoNawcast editor demo

When you've created an account, you're able to compose a narrowcasting program using the available templates. In the demo above there are only two, but there should be a lot more in the future! Allowing you to easily and quickly create a narrowcasting that suits your customers.

Nawcast runner demoNawcast runner demo

When you've created a program, all you need is any kind of display with a web browser. You get a unique start-code on your display, which can be entered in your dashboard. Simply select the program you want to run, and hit start! That's it!

Simpel allows you to create a narrowcasting within minutes.

This project is far from done, but I want to spend more time on it to make it a commercially viable product!

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