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Dynamo, the bike store rebuild

April 2021

In 2020, a new project opportunity came to Enrise. The Dynamo Retail Group was looking for a web development company that could help them bringing their shattered platform together to a single, stable and performing platform. I was one of the main developers that joined the project to realise this.

BikeTotaal product detail pageThe BikeTotaal product detail page

Since Dynamo had multiple of their websites being built by multiple web development companies, we were challenged to bring their shops together into a single platform. We've had decided to work with Shopware as our backend. For our frontend application we worked with Next.js, which is built with React and Typescript.

As shown in the image below, we made sure all of the web shops were served from the same application, with a separate theme for each specific shop. This was done with styled component themes.

Frontend architecture layersThe architecture layers of the Dynamo frontend

Even though the websites look quite similar, they're quite different at the same time too!

Dynamo running status buildsThe responsive 'Profile de fietsspecialist' webiste

These are the kind of projects I enjoy building most. A pretty website, with a strong architecture. I hope to do more projects like this soon!

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