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CIMonitor, a status monitor for your CI

November 2018

CIMonitor in the EPIC spaceCIMonitor in the EPIC space

In the past, deployments (going live with new products/updates) were scary, and lots could go wrong. Nowadays almost every aspect of the deployment process is automated. Automated to the point were you wouldn't event notice anything of the progress it's making. Is my code deployed to production already? With CIMonitor you can easily setup a CI status dashboard to track the progress of your automated processes.

CIMonitor running status buildCIMonitor showing a running build

But it doesn't stop there. Where deploying new features/products to production was scary before, it should be considered a party now. And you preferably want that party to take place as many times as possible. But how do you do that if it's automated? Right, you automate that too!

Marble run module exampleMarble run module example

CIMonitor allows you to create events for specific actions. For example, when a new update of your application is pushed to production, you can:

  • Trigger a marble run
  • Play some victory music
  • Have a beacon light flashing
  • Have led strips representing the status of your CI

And much more... The CIMonitor project is open-source on GitHub, and everyone can contribute. I'm very proud to be the creator of the project, and I hope many development organizations will adopt the project into their development flow.

I've made CIMonitor part of my website, to show you the insight it can give. Check it out!

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